Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fazekas: "A gospel theme runs like a silver thread throughout the Bible"

"The story of mankind's redemption is 'monergistic'; that is, it beings with God alone as the 'Prime Mover.' Genesis 3:15 gives the first prophetic promise, an account of the coming struggle between 'the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent,' whose outcome is never in question. Couched within the conflict is the divine declaration of promise and fulfillment. God pledges to send 'The Coming One,' a Savior, who would crush the head of Satan to redeem a fallen race. Then he fulfills His promise when Christ appears in the flesh.

"The Old Testament is filled with types and shadows, prophetic indicators announcing through the ancient nation of Israel a Redeemer who would come to deliver His people. Unmistakably, a gospel theme runs like a silver thread throughout the Bible, joining promise to fulfillment." -- Steve Fazekas, "Salvation Before the Cross", Answers Magazine, April-June 2011, p. 29


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